Other projects

  • Architectural design of a family house, Beška, Inđija, 880m², (2019) – Da li je ovo isto kao I kuca odmah iznad?
  • Architectural design of a family house, Zemun, Belgrade, 116m², (2019)
  • Architectural design of a family house, Čukarica, Belgrade, 187m², (2019)
  • Architectural design of a family house, Belgrade, 126m², (2018)
  • Architectural design of a residential-commercial building, Voždovac, Belgrade (2007)
  • Architectural design of a residential-commercial building, Vračar, Belgrade (2006)

Apartment interior design and construction supervision for the following locations:

  • Piran, Slovenia, 65m², (2020)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 122m², (2019)
  • Dedinje, Belgrade, 63m², (2019)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 66m², (2019)
  • Dedinje, Belgrade, 108m², (2019)
  • Stari grad, Belgrade, 82m², (2019)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 103m², (2018)
  • Smederevo, 105m², (2018)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 79m², (2018)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 69m², (2017)
  • Čukarica, Belgrade, 83m², (2017)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 67m², (2017)
  • Stari grad, Belgrade, 385m², (2016)
  • Voždovac, Belgrade, 350m², (2016)
  • Stara Pazova, 120m², (2015)
  • Stari grad, Belgrade, 46m², (2015)
  • Zrenjanin, 81m², (2015)
  • Smederevo, 66m², (2014)
  • Novi Sad, 72m², (2014)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 86m², (2013)
  • Novi Sad, 58m², (2013)
  • Savski Venac, Belgrade, 134m², (2012)
  • Čukarica, Belgrade, 85m², (2011)
  • Zemun, Belgrade, 74m², (2011)
  • Zemun, Belgrade, 69m², (2010)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 98m², (2010)
  • Palilula, Belgrade, 112m², (2009)
  • Zvezdara, Belgrade, 67m², (2009)
  • New Belgrade, Belgrade, 95m², (2008)



Fantastic cooperation with the entire Proambo team. They’re professional, great experts, very open and responsive to client needs. They often thought out of the box to assist us in the comprehensive adaptation of our kindergartens. They thought about every detail and always worked together with us. In addition, they simply radiate great energy that gives you complete confidence. They earn the trust we placed in them. Highly recommended by everyone at Bubamarica”.

Jasmina Aljović, Head of Kindergarten “Dečija Kuća Bubamarica"

Serbian Shooting Sport Federation and Proambo architects have had years of fruitful collaboration. The Proambo team can best be described as dedicated, precise, diligent, creative, enthusiastic and willing to cope with demanding technical challenges of shooting sports. I’d like to thank them for their help so far and their exceptional cooperation. I hope we’ll continue to accomplish projects of vital sport and national significance.

Dr Nenad Putnik, President of the Serbian Shooting Federation

The cooperation with Proambo architects exceeded all our expectations. They are extremely professional and dedicated, and this is clearly seen and felt in our

The Ćitić family

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