The latest Laguna bookstore, named after Serbian writer Borislav Pekić, was open in early November in the very heart of Belgrade. The bookstore has a total of four floors and contains a café, a record store and gaming equipment section.

For Proambo architects, the interior design of this particular bookstore was the next step in the approach we have been perfecting for years in our search for optimal bookstore design.

The priority was to establish clear horizontal and vertical communication with the optimal positioning of focal points in the interior, and, by doing so, encourage the visitor to move through all four floors. This was achieved by introducing a series of transverse frames that give this space dynamics by their position, shape, materialization and lighting. In this way we animated the continuity of high bookshelves. The concept was further supported by the lighting design, starting from the type and lighting arrangement to its color and geometry. Our ultimate goal was to ensure that the interior has a clear identity and maximize its interaction with the user.